Monday, September 20, 2010

Story: What's for Lunch?

by Designing Mom Jenn of 13 Creative

As the countdown to the 1st day of preschool begun, the first thing on my list was to find a cool lunchbox for Grace.  Grace has never used a lunchbox before (her old daycare made lunch for the kids everyday, so I never needed to worry about packing up a healthy lunch and sending it with her).

But now we needed to do things like "label clothes" and "pack lunches" and bring things to "share" everyday!  Geez, preschool is a ton of work for mommy!

I did a lot of research and found myself contemplating bento lunch boxes versus cloth lunch bags.  I took almost an entire day and scoured the internet for solutions that were not only good looking, but eco-friendly and most importantly HARD TO LOSE!!  My worry wasn't that Grace was going to "lose her lunch" (!) but that I was going to lose all the lunch box components in the dishwasher, or in the dish drainer at night - and then be stuck the next day.

I thought finding a great, designy and eco-friendly lunchbox was impossible, until I found Goodbyn!

Here are a few pics of our 2 Goodbyns.  Notice, they're both pink!  And with nearly identical stickers!  While they come in an awesome range of colors, I didn't want to have any fights in the morning about "I want the green" or "I want the pink one" so we just got two in pink and are sort of pretending like there is actually only one of them!!  Very similar to her best friend doll BlaBla (who, unbeknownst to Grace, we actually have five of!)

Anyway, it is only two pieces of plastic - the bottom half holds all the lunchtime goodies, and the top half seals all of the little compartments on the bottom.  Plus, it comes with a bunch of neat stickers to decorate the front of the box!  My OCD kicked in pretty good and I couldn't resist decorating the lunchbox myself, because I didn't think my control-freak 'designerness' could handle the stickers applied unevenly and out of order by the 2 year old!!  I know, bad mommy!!  But I'll encourage her to add a few more stickers as the days and weeks go by and really fill it out!  I promise.


Dianne said...

Do you have a face book page?

Jenn White Topliff said...

I have a personal facebook page that I update all the time. And I have a 13 Creative facebook page that I started to create and never really finished. Bad me! I need to get back to that - in between the other 348 things I have going on!! But it should be on Facebook if you look under 13 Creative.

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