Thursday, September 23, 2010

Best of our Blogs: Emily Part 2

Here's a followup to one of Designing Mom Guissell's favorite posts from her blog Earthy Beginnings...
If you recall, her little man had a certain crush on Angelina but things quickly changed...
from Designing Mom Guissell:

While riding on the elevator w/a neighbor and my 3yr old this morning:
Me: "E do you have a girlfriend?"
E: "Yes!"
Neighbor: "You do?!!"
E: "Yeah!"
Looking at my neighbor perplexed points at himself and tells him, "I'm a boy!"
Neighbor: (laughs)..."This is best thing I've heard today!!"

Me: "WOW! So what's her name?"
E: "Emily!"

It's official the Angelina craze is over! In the meantime here's the heart he gave me when he asked me to be his valentine last week. I'm so last weekend!... sigh.

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