Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Story: the Baby Hipster

I had two simultaneous conversations with friends in the past week over the bane of hipsters.  One refuses to date them and the other (that's you Designing Mom Shinmin!) showed me the most hilarious You Tube video (Hipster Olympics).

It got me thinking...what about the bane of "hipster babies?"
Lo and behold there was a little article in MSN over the weekend called Baby Fashionistas
listing "over the top baby trends."  I pulled the photos from it (below).  Some of their picks were skulls, leopard, tutus, skinny jeans and motorcyle jackets...  I don't mind the novelty of denim printed diapers  (kinda tired of Winnie the Pooh).  But skinny jeans?!  I LIVE for baby chub and can't imagine hiding any of it.  

So what are some you seeing out there and are tired of?  Any crazy baby fashion scenarios?


jackie kersh said...

the denim diapers freak me out, i have to admit.

Our Designing Moms said...

has anyone seen them in person? I might be blindly biased b/c I love cynthia rowley...

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