Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Best of Our Blogs: Anatomy 101

Designing Mom Lori is contributing today for our "Best of our Blogs" series.  She has a great mid-week feature on her blog called "What He Said Wednesday..." and this is her all-time favorite.  I laughed so about teaching mom some anatomy 101!  

from lori:

every friday the little dude brings home a folder full of worksheets and artwork that he’s worked on throughout the week. this past friday was no exception. as i glanced through the packet i came across the usual worksheets and artwork. as i examined one of the worksheets more closely, i noticed something that didn’t seem quite right….

i secretly hoped that what i saw was just another piece of food that was lower in the mouse’s belly. however, in my heart, i knew what it really was. the fact that it seemed scribbled over made it even more certain for me. i called the little dude in to look at the artwork with me. i started easy by asking what the artwork was about. he showed me all the different food that he had drawn in the mouse’s belly….and that was it. i had to step it up and address the obvious. “so, this red piece down here….is that another piece of food?” the little dude looked up at me with a guilty look that confirmed my suspicions and quietly and shyly admitted, “no, that’s his junk”.

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