Thursday, July 15, 2010

Balance: Workout = Working it Out

Against doctor's orders, I decided to rehabilitate my joints (post-baby) by going back to my old kick box classes taught by my friend James.  Returning from a year long hiatus, I was slower, in pain, almost hobbling in fact...   I showed up each week and plugged on until I could start to feel my body not only respond but crave the challenges.  It's been months, but I've happily returned to running, huffing up and down the San Francisco hills and other things I swore I would probably have to give up in motherhood. 

Dare I say it but a sweaty gym has been my antidote for rehabilitation as well as being a sane mom.  In exchange for an intense round of punching, kicking and sweating I receive a chance to press the reset button, be at one with my body, clear my head and basically map out a guaranteed crazy day..."working out" has certainly proven to be my modus operandi to "working things out."   

Below are some pics from the other day when Designing Mom Shinmin joined me for one of James' classes.  I can't tell you how excited I am to have a fellow endorphin junkie to kick around with! 


shinmin said...

Aaahhh the feeling of blood flowing through my body and warming my face...

Thanks for getting my butt up, away from where the wild things are, and in the gym, where the sweaty things are.

This should be a new section of DM. The physical challenge - what we do to keep sane and fit. And we need to back it up with embarrassing photos (as you've done here with me).

erika at delphine said...

Don't be embarrassed Shinmin. You and Cat look awesome! I recently headed back to Spin class so I can relate to the huffing & puffing. Hoping to look as good as you two some day ; )

Our Designing Moms said...

erika, wish you lived in the bay area and could kick with us!

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