Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Shop: The Want Lists

We're lucky to have a resident "toy" expert here, and just in time as we kick off our holiday wish lists. As former senior designer for Manhattan Toy, Designing Mom Mari shares her personal favorite picks (aka "the want lists") for the little ones this season!

By Designing Mom Mari

Like most parents, I want the best things for my daughter-at the best price. But unlike most parents, I’ve got over twelve years industry experience designing toys and children’s gifts. My design background gives me a unique perspective, and it’s a point of view I want to share. My blog, Small for Big, is the place to “commiserate” on that great thing called Parenthood, while bonding over our love for all that is hip and modern.

I wanted to share my most recent project: the best holiday gift ideas for all the kids in your life! I’ve scoured my favorite resources, while keeping price. design, and the coolness-factor at the forefront of each choice. And now, theWANTlists 2009 are ready for you. My goal? To show other parents all the amazing options that have nothing to do with the hottest toys we see screaming from every ad and media outlet.

I’ll be adding more to each category as the holiday season continues, and I’m also taking requests. Do you have a particularly difficult little one in mind, or a parent with specific requests? Bring it on, I’ll find you something, I promise.


erika at delphine said...

Mari, My 5yr old boy is into Legos and trains. He's super smart and an excellent reader. Suggestions for fun games we could play as a family?

mari said...

Hi Erkia! I just saw your post, I'll get some ideas to you shortly!

mari said...

Ok Erika, here's a couple games I've been eyeing:
Pallina Ball Game at Uncommon Goods
It's a crazy mixup between jengo, pick up sticks, and strategy. Plus it's gorgeous to look at.

Bingory by Blue Orange (at Oompa Toys)
I did a post on this game recently - it's a literal combo of bingo and memory games. 2 of my personal faves.

Gobblet Gobblers by Blue Orange at Oompa Toys
Another Blue Orange winner, this one combines tic tac toe with strategy - and hilarious looking playing pieces.

There's also Pandabo, which is similar to the jenga model - balancing as high as you can get.

Let me know if these games help your search - and if you get any of them, I'd love to hear what you think of them!

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