Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Shop: Out of this World Crochet

by Designing Mom Jenn

Well, this post has been a long time in the making! Some of you readers may not even remember me, and think that good ol' "13 Creative" has become "February 13 Creative" (some of the other new, great contributing designing moms!). But, I'm here to tell you that I'm still around, and have made a firm commitment to continue contributing to this wonderful blog on a more frequent basis. Bad designing mom, bad!! I have known I wanted to blog about this since I was inspired by the image below about 6 months ago. These past 6 months, though, have been spent being pregnant with my second little girl (pregnancy and I don't get along so well, but I'm due in 7 weeks so I can see the light!) as well as being extremely busy creating some great new packaging designs and invitations for my clients, moving to the 'burbs and following a 20mos old toddler around!

But that all said, 6 months ago I was surfing the web and found the most amazing blog that was highlighting some gorgeous crocheted items! The photo above hit me over the head and made me think of all the things in our daily lives that are so simple, that we may take for granted, but that used in an unusual, out-of-the-ordinary way have the ability to make people stop in their tracks (and think about writing about them for 6 whole months!!).

I'm a knitter at heart, and have only crocheted one small stuffed animal in my life, named Rory, when I was in highschool. So when I saw the gorgeous photo of the crocheted headboard, it made me think of my hobbies and my crafts in a whole new light. Taking a hobby that is normally done on a smaller scale (meaning, blankets, scarves, hats, etc.) and turning it into a giant, oversized product (that looks like it took three years to make) was just mind boggling. I was also totally amused (and amazed) by these other crocheted goodies:

Were I not about to have another baby, and were my husband not already about to kill me because of the plethora of half-finished craft projects around the house, I think this is something I'd really like to tackle! I'll put it on my list of "things to do" for that spare moment or two that is likely to happen sometime around, oh... 2018! Hope these photos inspire you to create something out-of-the-ordinary, too.


Cerise said...

I LOVE the headboard. I can't imagine how long that took!! Also loved the striped bike seat cover...super cute!

sweet and simple stuff said...

Oh Jenn, first wish you well! Thank you so much for this post! My daughter and I do a lot of crochet now. And for my work as an artist I have to make something for March in a Hortus(outside public garden) In the Netherlands there is a new cloth-yarn which is up-cycled material of the fashion industrie. We just started to sell it from our studio. And I had a plan for the piece in the Garden but was not 100% happy with it..... And now I know what I can do!! So your planning is just right for me ;-)and still time to make it.

Erika Givens said...

Jenn... i can only imagine how fabulous your crochet projects will be in 2018!!! You are my knit/crochet mentor/goddess - many thank yous again for teaching me the ropes back when i was on bedrest w Luke and Reid!! : )

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