Friday, December 18, 2009

Decorate: Our Holiday Decor

Just wanted to post up some photos of last year's holiday decor from a few of the Designing Moms. With that said, I know that all of you have your current holiday loot up and humming by now... I'll be posting some current decor in the next few days and we'd love for some of you out there to share with us. Let's get into the holiday spirit together--snap a photo and email it to me at!

Designing Mom Contributor Dana: (above) "It's nothing big...but it's something i do to dress up my interior doors (a whopping three!)...I just took small wreaths and wired ribbon...looped the ribbon around the wreath and then made a bow and hung them from a nail on my doors. It's simple and it makes the hallway to look festive."

above: Designing Mom Guissell's holiday decor

above: Designing Mom Erika and her family celebrating the '08 holiday

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