Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Our Booklist: The Incredible Book Eating Boy

by Designing Mom Lori

Being a designer, I love books that not only have a great story, but are also beautiful, inspiring and interesting to look at! the boys got a book this past Christmas from Santa that really fits all those criteria.
It’s called The Incredible Book Eating Boy by Oliver Jeffers.

The story is about a little boy named Henry who, by accident, starts eating books. he starts out slow by eating pages, but then ends up eating multiple books at a time. (red ones being his favorite)

He found that the more books he ate, the smarter he got!

He began eating multiple books in one sitting!

He was learning so much that he quickly became smarter than his teachers!

Then, one day, things started to get all jumbled up. Henry was eating too many books, too quickly. He couldn’t digest the information quick enough. Henry was feeling very sick.

Henry decided it was time to stop eating books. He thought about it and wondered if he started reading books if he would become just as smart. Henry picked up his books, read, and learned that he loved to read!

Now henry reads all the time! although every now and then......

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Cyn said...

Thank you! I'm always looking for good books for my boys and this looks perfect.

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