Monday, June 22, 2009

Decorate: Little Lamb Baby Shower...Part 1

Looking for party ideas? You are all in for a treat as Designing Mom Erika shows us her absolutely gorgeous "Little Lamb" themed baby shower that she threw for her friend.

She had such great ideas I had to split it up as two posts...the first showing her sketches/ideas and the knockout invites she created. Check back tomorrow for the rest!

By Designing Mom Erika

I loved planning my friend Carrie's Little Lamb baby shower. Parties can be a lot of work, and by no means did I do it alone! I co-hosted the shower with 3 friends, and we all pitched in a little something (including baking skills, time, and a wicked Shower Shine recipe involving rum and pineapple juice!).

We chose the "little lamb" theme because we knew it, along with the spring green color scheme, is how Carrie decorated the baby's nursery. I was responsible for the overall look and feel of the party, so I started with my sketch book to gather images and ideas for the party. This made it a lot easier for my friends to picture what I had in mind. Even if you can't draw (like me), a sketch book is great for pasting in ideas and writing lists--it keeps everything together in one spot.


Lauren said...

OMG This is precious!! How can I get those invitations?

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