Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Decorate: Little Lamb Shower Part 2

Part 2: The edibles!
by Designing Mom Erika

My biggest tip for planning a little party is to shop your own home (and your friends' homes) first, before buying a single thing! Luckily Carrie's nursery d├ęcor happens to be my own favorite color, green, so I had lots of "decorations" around already. I kept everything for the party in one cabinet to make it easier to keep track of progress (and it eliminated over-buying).

A little trick I learned from my parents, the ultimate hosts, is to set the table the day before.
It only looks "fancy."
With the exception of the amazing lemon cupcakes, made at home, and the delicious (and beautiful) macarons from Paulette, most of the items on the dessert table came from the Dollar Store!

There is lots more info, including a downloadable PDF of the cupcake toppers, on my blog. Click on the "party planning" link in the far right column of the blog in the tags section (or click here).


Le Petit Graphiste said...


Carrie's mom said...

the little lamb theme is so sweet. beautiful invitations needless to say!

Amber Larson said...

Great tips. I LOVE the finished table. Amy Atlas on the cheap. Awesome job!!!

Jackie Kersh said...

love the cupcake toppers. also, congratulations on your design sponge feature, what a lovely house you have!

erika at delphine said...

Hi everyone. Thanks for your comments! Here is a link to some more details about the party on my blog:

queenoftheclick said...

You do realize that your table looks like it came out of from Martha Stewart Magazine, right?


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