Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Foto: Super Hero!

It's Friday so I'm wrapping up this week with more fun photos. These are from Designing Mom Erika and her super hero worthy son's awesome photo session by Jessica Davis Photography.
I laughed so hard hearing about her son E's natural knack (directing shots, requesting water and
breaks ) at photo shoots. I think a star is born!

Happy weekend everyone. And keep sending me photos...we love 'em!


Tori Higa said...

those are great shots! and are those my cakies crowns by designing mom rubyellen? i think so! ;) too cute! i love seeing moms/designers supporting each other!

Our Designing Moms said...

and I love that large, sweeping cape...where did you get that?!

erika at delphine said...

My mom made the red cape. I'll have to ask Jess where she got the crown, but I know it was on Etsy : )

Tori Higa said...

i'm sure it was ruby's "my cakies" etsy shop - in fact, here's the link:

i think your mom should start an etsy store as well - what little boy wouldn't want one of those amazing capes? looks like you can fly pretty far with those things. :)

queenoftheclick said...

Precious pictures!

baby r.t. and house too said...

I just ordered one of Rubyellen's crowns as a gift too! They are so cute -- I am in love with the one we ordered.

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