Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Story: Ok...I Can Live Here

Moving isn't just tough on the kiddies... I love that Designing Mom Tori got her feet wet in their new town through a well-designed cafe. What were some of you and your family's first places of solace when you moved?

by Designing Mom Tori of Tori Higa

...because we found the coolest coffee shop. It's called the Little Building Cafe. Not only do they have wonderful coffee (roasted locally in Alabama), a creative (and yummy) menu, great service, fair prices, an eco-conscience commitment, friendly customers (we made friends with almost everyone in the joint - having a flirtacious baby and outgoing husband always helps with meeting new people), and fantastic design. I really love the design. It's full of work by Annie Coggan - you can read more about her impressive background here. The building definitely draws you in and the design coupled with the aroma of fresh baked goods make you want to order your coffee "for here" instead of "to go." We are definitely going to be regulars.

(photo above by Annie Coggan via the Little Building Cafe Blog - be sure to browse the blog if you get a chance; it's full of beautiful photography and I love their tag line: "handmade building, handmade food...a thoughtful life.)

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