Monday, October 25, 2010

Story: Lemonade Stands

I know we're deep into Fall but there is something about the rainy, overcast summer we had that still makes me want to cling to memories of summer.  So one more post, this one by Designing Ryan on the joys of lemonade stands (and summer days!)...

by Designing Mom Ryan of Tin Parade

Ah Lemonade stands.  An icon of childhood….a good childhood.
At least in my mind that makes sense. When I see children having lemonade stands it makes me feel happy and peaceful and sort of washes away all the crazyness of the day.  I realize that’s a big expectation of a little ol lemonade stand.  But truthfully what it represents is all good.  It started because my son said he wanted to earn money so he could buy something he wanted. …hard work= money…not a bad concept to learn at a young age…saving to buy something you want…again…only a good concept to learn…especially in this day and age.  Add in my Tin Parade partner Kristen Gara’s kids and it becomes a neighborhood entrepreneurial project of the best kind.   The kids excitedly worked together to set up the stand…sell the lemonade (yelling out to passersby “LEMONADE FOR SALE!”.…and even serve the lemonade.   The kids came together for a common purpose.  At the same time, the neighborhood converged on this tree lined street to share in the happiness that a lemonade stand creates…and share a glass of sweetness….visitors stayed and played…and their craziness too was swept away …on a late summers day in these modern times.

The sign was made from a old piece of wood from a fence a neighbor tore down.

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