Monday, October 4, 2010's Top 50 : Designing Moms

We are so delighted to be chosen as one of's top 50 design blogs (and one of their top ten in the "All Things Beautiful" category).  And a congrats to fellow Designing Mom Mari of Small for Big for her mention as well (yay Mari!).  Thank you again for all of your support...there are lots of exciting things in store here and we hope you continue to tune in!

Click here to read the post and here for for the list of other great blogs and sites.


G. said...

yay for our little family here!! I gave my shout-out on twitterville but the site's gone bonkers so I don't know if you'll see it there.

Cat you look so fabulous on the feature!! congrats!!

G. said...

& congrats Mari!!!

Tori Higa said...

what fun! cat - you does such a great job with this blog and have such a great vision. thank you for all that you do!

and what a beautiful picture of you as well!

aya said...

Hooray! Super exciting news! Congratulations, Cat!

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