As I was just working on my computer, designing some wedding invitations for a client and browsing websites (read: procrastinating on Facebook!) a friend of mine uploaded a photo that knocked my socks off. My friend works at 30 Rockefeller (NBC) in New York City and took a photo of what she called The Muppet Pipes.

I was blown away. I needed to know more.

Apparently, in 1964, Jim Henson, Frank Oz, Don Sahlin and Jerry Juhl were sitting around their dressing room at The Jack Paar Show, waiting to go on stage. Bored, they opened up a utility closet, saw this bunch of plain pipes and decided to go back to their nearby studio, get some art supplies and come back to decorate the pipes while they passed the time. This was pre-Muppets, pre-Sesame Street.

They finished their "Muppet Pipes", closed the closet door, and went on stage.

In the five decades since they were created, the pipes have been hidden in a closet -- which up until very recently was in Max Weinberg's dressing room! Earlier this week, though, NBC revealed that they knocked down the closet and put the Muppet Pipes on display as part of the NBC tour.

This unbelievable, imaginative, colorful and whimsical 'found art' is so inspiring and makes me want to look at all the mundane, everyday objects in my own home - and take them to the next level.

This would be such a fantastic project for any family - to turn the ordinary into extraordinary and push the limits of your imagination.

I hope this inspires all of you as much as it has me. Click HERE to see Frank Oz, the only surviving member of the foursome, talk about what he calls "affectional anarchy" and explain who did what, and how... nearly 50 years ago!