Thursday, June 24, 2010

Shop: Diaper Bags

I'm on the hunt for diaper bags again...
Funny how I thought my handbag obsession would be curbed after having a baby. I now get really excited at words like compartment, stain-resistant, insulated and loops...
So this weekend I'm on the lookout for something smaller than an official diaper bag to fit food and bottles... anyone have any stylin' suggestions?
above (and below): Anya Hindmarch

above: Marc by Marc Jacobs

above: le sport sac in houseboat patttern


B's mommy said...

hi cat!
this is min! this blog is so fun to read. have you checked out boulevard bags?
have a good weekend!

Jenn White Topliff said...

I JUST got that Marc Jacob's bag on sale at Nordo's, although in a different print. IT"S AMAZING and holds everything from diapers to computers to lip gloss! It's a BEAST, in terms of what it can hold, and it's lightweight, and fits on your arm just great... but, I have to say, it's SO big that I get lost in it sometimes! But I've been carrying it around for two weeks and honestly, there's nothing that thing can't contain!!

Our Designing Moms said...

Min--thanks for the tip! Am checking out those bags right after.
And Jenn...a beast you say :)? Every mom deserves a "magic" do it all bag and from the sounds of it this one is!

Susan said...

Great blog. This diaper bags are unique. Will definitely tell my sister.

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