Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Guest Blogger: Annette Tatum on her Favorite Things

by Annette Tatum

Thank you to the team at Designing Moms Blog for asking me to be a
guest on their site. I am the owner of both Annette Tatum and Little
House collections which are companies that specialize in custom
designed textiles and products for the home and the nursery. I have
been creating and building a business for the past 15 years and have
been often asked what inspires me when I create? What are my favorite
I find that with a busy house like mine filled with four children (ages
7-19), what inspires me the most is my family. They encourage me to
keep discovering my creative inner spirit as well as keep me focused on
what is important.

Having a studio at home as well as a store just down the street keeps
me on my feet. Half of my days are filled with running a business,
working on product development and other day to day management tasks.
The other half is filled with mom stuff. Dentist visits, school lunches
and after school activities. I don’t get to linger too long on things,
which is why I like a little of everything. My life changes quickly so
I find that my style favorites change fast too.
In my studio I keep a lot of my inspiration. Journals filled with
ideas, trims and buttons and other small details. Fabrics I love and
more. Most special are the little works of art or small notes from my
family that remind me that what I do matters.

We travel a lot as a family and finding inspiration is never too hard
to find . I have also recently finished my first book "The Well Dressed
" for Clarkson Potter. Between the business and my family
adventures…. inspiration is something that I often just stumble upon.

One of my favorite go to for inspiration is fashion. I love the details
and the constant change of looks and ideas. This is a recent fashion collection I did for the release of the book. Visit our blog for more.

In my own home some of my favorite things come from my china
collection. I love to collect odd assortments of china. Plates that I
just love for no reason. Cups that might be used for some fantasy tea

Vases and old oddities that I love just because. Color always inspires…
A detail from my favorite dining chair
An old tray that I found at a local antique house. I love anything with
birds… Some of my some of my collection of dishes. Old florals mixed
with mother of pearl flatware.
My children’s homework/ art room… I love any space in the house that
offers up room for creative time.
My journals.. they are my place where I keep all my ideas and
inspiration. I love referring to them for ideas or just to look at
beautiful things.

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Erin Sweeney said...

I love this post. Everything in her home is so personal and special. What a wonderful family she has!

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