Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Shop: Le Papier Studio

Silhouettes are so utterly charming and timeless. These versions did me in with their adorable "+" and "=" signs. These customizable "family portrait" pillows and lockets by Vana at Le Papier Studio are not only perfect personal decor for the home but make great gifts as well. Click here to visit!


Alice Van-Weed said...

these are nice..reminded me of that family portraits from the movie "Chaos theory"..the mom, dad, and daughter have pictures with 6 different expressions of them..i really find them cute

adrianne said...

I bought a silhouette ornament of our baby for his first Christmas from Le Papier. Love them!

aya said...

I had a pleasure of designing Vana's first book recently. I am her huge fan all the way. I think the finished book is looking absolutely adorable. If you are attending New York Stationery Show, have a look at the finished books at Chronicle Books' booth. Hope you like it!,book-info/store,books/products_id,8942/title,Silhouette-Art/

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