Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Our Lists: Tea Towels

by Designing Mom Guissell of Earthy Beginnings

I've been longing for a dinner table since the day my son graduated from a high chair. I envision all the pretty things I would place on it, besides food of course! In the meantime, I have noticed this surge of linen and cotton tea towels as of late which I find pretty cool. Below are just a small collection of tea towels I've been admiring from afar... until I get that dinner table that is!

1. Falling Leaves Tea Towel by Madder Root

2. Ray of Light by Inklore

3. Queen Anne's lace towel by Inleaf

4. Suppertime tea towel by MrPS

5. Red-backed Wren and Wattle by Formosa Design

6. Assorted Tea Towels by Hammocks & High Tea

7. Squid Linens by Squid Ink Kollective

8. Creat A Set (Owl) by The Heated

I'd like to add that I have seen the Hammocks & High Tea and Inleaf ones in person and these are high quality towels worth every penny!!

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