Monday, May 24, 2010

Shop: Heath for Life

I remember getting all sorts of advice on registry shopping when I was getting married...especially about dinnerware. I'm thankful I didn't listen to the bit about fine china because it's something that just never fit our style and needs. But where was the advice about everyday ware and finding a timeless manufacturer especially when you become a mom?

This leads me to the infamous Heath Ceramics in Sausalito. It was started by Edith Heath in the 40's and operates to the same standards that it began with which is just wonderful. I get fifty lashes for never having visited the studio in all the years I have been in the bay area. Horrible! But what finally brought me there was breaking yet another of my everyday stoneware plates. Nobody ever prepared me to lose half my dishes and mugs from becoming a mom because of having to one-arm my way through the kitchen! The style of my stoneware dinnerware had been discontinued for quite some time and I kept waiting it out...telling myself when I was down to the very last of it all, I'd go to Heath...for life.

above: I loved their tile and tea towel did the munchkin.

above: the woman who helped me was so patient. the great thing is you are able to mix and match and while I narrowed it down to the Coupe collection, I ended up standing there for eons replaying the endless combinations.

above: in the end, I chose core linen and french grey plates with black bowls to keep it neutral, and replaceable...but mixed in some verde and persimmon bowls for fun. Thank you Heath--you've gained another fan and lifer over here!


Erin Owes said...

I often joked that the only reason Id get married would be to register at Heath... it was a half joke. and it was the only place we registered when we finally did get married and every day is a little better because of our beautiful dishes. They are that good. That I enjoy doing dishes, setting the table, eating, entertaining a little more because I get to handle these beautiful handmade items. So worth it.

Our Designing Moms said...

Erin...your description is great. I'm swooning at the thought of enjoying dishes more by holding a heath in my hands :). now that I've got the lingo of the lines, which do you have...coupe, rim, chez panisse?!

Aya said...

I love going to their sausarito studio, and I know exactly what Erin means by "every day is a little better". Ours are their 3rd grade plates with visible flaws, but still, I notice something warm and happy filling inside of me every time I pull these plates out. And they make any humble food look GOOD! Like a magic, really. No wonder many food stylists use their dishes for the extra deliciousness to the eyes.

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