Thursday, July 23, 2009

Shop: Baby Clothes

by Designing Mom Aya

Babies grow so fast, VERY fast. And they don’t (yet) care much about their appearance or garments. Naturally, I tend to believe the best kind of baby clothing is a hand-me-down that fits. However, I do find that those tiny articles of clothing are perfect gift items that people want to give and I, as a new mother, also find myself starting lists of my favorite baby clothing companies. Here are some people who make fabulously sophisticated little outfits that are big on design and often easy on environment (and on our wallets).

above: Petunia Pickle Bottom
Their set of three onesies are my very favorite outfit on my little boy. The onesies look as good and crisp as they were in the first place after a several washes.

above: Kate Quinn Organics
My mother, the little one’s grandma, bought a stylish brown jacket and turquoise pants for his two-month birthday. The outfit is so chic that made me wish they made those for grown-ups.

above: Baby Soy
Very simple yet modern and good looking clothing. Its quality is superb. We got a receiving blanket and an onesie as a gift and we seriously considered getting another set because we always got disappointed when they were in the laundry.

above: Lucky Jade
Perhaps babies don’t need cashmere outfits, but if they do, this is the place to get them. I bought a lovely pink newborn gown for my niece and my sister put her in it for all the photo taking occasions.

above: Dwell for Target
This line unites good design with affordability. My little boy received a onesie and a hoodie and they are very handsome and surprisingly well made. I am now a big fan of Target.

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