Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Make: Sewing Cards

by Designing Mom Liberty

Here's a REALLY simple craft that has a lot of payoff. It's not pretty - though it could be - but maybe recycling in and of itself adds beauty, perhaps?

We take our used cereal boxes and cut out the fun pictures to make lacing cards. We have also used some boxes from those fruit gummy treats - which are great, because they usually have great pics on 2 sides... simply cut out your desired section and punch holes around the edges to make lacing cards - perfect for preschoolers developing motor skills. We buy shoelaces at the Dollar Store and store them all in a bag in our craft drawer. I have great memories with lacing cards as a little kid, and this is an excellent activity to take on a car or plane ride. My kids really do like seeing the characters and "sewing" a Lightning McQueen CARS card is most definitely a "boy thing" as much as sewing princesses and rainbows are "girl things." (These things seem to matter in our two preschoolers' minds).

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