Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Foto: Photo Booth Friends

Designing Mom Tori:
"My friend, Kate, and I thought it would be cute to take our kids to a
photo booth while we were supposed to be running errands together and surprise the dads with the pictures. Our husbands have been best friends for the last fifteen years (they talk on the phone more than Kate and I do with our girlfriends!) so it's really special that we can live close enough for our kids to grow up knowing each other. Our little photo booth excursion was so much fun to do and the guys really loved the surprise as well - they each have a copy on their desk at work."


Jackie Kersh said...

love these! photo booths are the best...though increasingly hard to find.

kira said...

Such a great idea! And, what a handsome little guy =).

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