Monday, April 27, 2009

Our Lists: Doll Houses

When I was little, building my blocks or staring into the windows of a doll house always sparked my imagination to new heights. The doll house I had was a retro '70s split level with mod white stairs which I so wish I'd kept! Here is my little list of doll houses...from mod, to tree houses (can't forget the boys) and traditional classics.

1. Mod Doll House
2. Melissa and Doug Contempo Doll House
3. Modular Doll House
4. Contempo Doll House

Tree Houses
5. Fairy Tree House
6.Plan Toys Tree House
7. Leafy Tree House
8.Tree Blocks Wood House

9.Raleigh Dolhouse
10. Starter House
11. Willow Doll House
12. Turquoise Victorian


ameetha said...

I never thought of dollhouses for boys, but you are right, they should have one too. I really like the trees one and I know my daughter would want one that looks like a candy/gingerbread.

jackie said...

graham has a treehouse similar to #7 and just loves it!

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