Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Creative Life: Tess Darrow

by Designing Mom Tori

As I was catching up on my Design*Sponge reading, I stumbled upon the sneak peek of Tess Darrow’s home . Tess is the lead designer and owner of Egg Press and after getting a glimpse at how she and her family live, I am even more smitten with her. This is a woman who definitely lives with art, design, and creativity all around her.

I love the green and black painting that her son did when he was two years old and I love that it is prominently on display. She also mentioned that she and her husband have a canvas waiting for their younger child when he gets old enough. What a great thing to do with your kids - I feel so inspired to do something like this with my own children someday…and thought that you other designing moms might feel that way as well. As an added bonus, it's a great way to own some priceless fine art.

I also had to show the silhouette portraits that Tess's husband created of their two sons when they were each about one. They are just too sweet.

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