Friday, April 3, 2009

Decorate: Single Most Favorite Thing in my Kid's Room

By Designing Mom Cat

This is for our series on "Favorite Things." I don't have many things in the nursery right now...but this stuffed giraffe is my current favorite. It's not so much the giraffe (even tho I absolutely love it)'s because my husband remembered me pointing to it and surprised me with it many months later. I always grin ear to ear when I imagine him trying to bravely drag the giant thing through all of the shops and down crowded Market Street!


j+g said...

your little guy will have fun with that!

Vanessa said...

My daughter has a giraffe about 1/2 the size of that one and loves it. She pulls it into the kitchen and puts her Backyardigans dolls on it. she is very careful to not let any of them fall off. Someone always winds up sitting on the head.

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