Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Shop: Rubber Duckies

by Designing Mom Aya

Our little boy’s first birthday is around the corner and I thought of getting him a rubber duck since the poor boy has been playing with his poor-man’s rubber ducky (=an empty shampoo bottle) in the bath for a quite some time. But I have been having a rather difficult time finding a good simple rubber ducky made free of PVC, BPA, etc. So far the one from Dano and Kid O are the contenders, but wondering if I could pick other moms’ brains on this. Any and all suggestions will be much appreciated!


shinmin said...

We have the nesting mom and baby duck combo from Kid O. While I think they are stunning to look at, I find The plastic too hard and clanky to be fun and cozy at bath time. I wish they were... well... rubber ducks. But we use them none the less. However Mila seems to be way more interested in the faucet and knobs. So I'm trying to find other toys to distract her. Let me know what you find.

Our Designing Moms said...

I was going to vote for the Kid O but
good to know the plastic is not "rubber duckish!"

aya said...

Oh, I didn't not know that kid O ducks are plastic either. Thank you so much for the info!

Shinmin, have you seen Skip Hop's whale faucet cover? We bought this and it's fantastic since Hayden loves to headbutt everything. It's made of a soft rubber free of PVC etc, and looks super cute :)

I'll keep posted with my rubber duck search....

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