Thursday, April 29, 2010

Shop: Fabric Hungry

Ok, it's high time we start a list of our favorite fabrics around here. And who better to kick this off than textile savvy Designing Mom Liberty! And just curious..but if I were ask you to give me your top three fabrics/patterns would you be able to? Please share!

by Designing Mom Liberty of Libby Dibby

I have a super fabric problem. I once read something where they made up this funny acronym that describes me perfectly... SABLE -which stands for... Stash Accumulated Beyond Life Expectancy. (yay!) but as a mom who was a textile designer in the past and who sews literally every day now... I'm still buying.
Though I live very near to downtown LA, time away from the kids is not super realistic for fabric trips very often. I prefer to shop online and have it show up on my doorstep. (as Designing mom Tori notes: "mail is fun!")
My favorite sites for shopping online are and - they both have huge selections and excellent customer service. I've also been very pleased with the quality of products I've received and the color representation on their websites (though this is subject to personal computer screens as well) is very true.

I recently stumbled onto the Riley Blake "Wheels" designs and went nuts. I bought what is called a fat quarter bundle and have subsequently made 2 quilts for my boys. Fat Quarter Shop also has some really cute robots that are calling my yet-unborn nephew's name (we don't even know his name yet, but I know he already wants those robots)

I'm also in an online quilting bee and recently received a beautiful fabric in one of my project packs that I learned this morning is called.... Woodland Delight by Paula Prass.
I could go on forever, but those are just some things that have been exciting me lately.


renee said...

I love your acronym, because I am also a fabric junkie, and textile designer. Your quilt is beautiful, I've been sewing since jr.high and have not yet been brave enough to tackle a quilt. I'll check out those sites. Thanks for the inspiratiion.

libbydibby said...

do it, do it, renee!
I too was completely intimidated by the quilting process and everyone in my new neighborhood quilting group would laugh at me because I am not afraid to sew clothes for myself and others (even without patterns) - yet was so afraid to sew a straight line.
my tip: go for it.
try using the RAIL FENCE pattern as a starting point - look up how to do it on and just get going making one square. If you hate it, you can always turn it into a bag or pillow, but it's an easy way to start.
we kept picking easy squares from that site and suddenly I had 12 squares - enough to make a small lap quilt... and my first quilt was done.
I also use a lot of youtube videos to help me with the parts I don't understand.
I'm now on quilt #6 and #7... not that many, but I love them so much.
if you have any questions, send me an email.
I'm sure as a textile designer, you'll LOVE picking out the fabrics and seeing what happens when you piece them together in certain ways. it's so fascinating to me.

heather said...

that is gorgeous!!! wish i could quilt! :-(

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