Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fitness: Bootcamp with Jeremy Cheung

It was great to hear from fellow moms that fitness and/or healthy living has been a resolution for the new year! I slipped on my new pair of 5.0 Free's today and gave them a test run on the treadmill. And if this rain will ever quit, I can't wait to go run outside again. I'm sure I will be questioning this all when my lovely shin splints and calluses come back full force but with so little time in my schedule I've come to treasure any chance I get to work out.
For those of you living in the bay area and with demanding mommy schedules, I wanted to tell you about
fitness contributor Jeremy's Saturday workout.

What it is:
From Jeremy... "It isn't really as much as a "boot camp" as it is a boot camp "style" workout. A true boot camp is usually a period of six weeks in length and meets several times a week. My workout is just on Saturday mornings for those that either want to end the week well...or start the weekend well; whichever way you want to look at it. Or maybe it's to supplement the weekday workouts that they are already doing at their own gym. The genesis of this really came about last year in response to the bad economy. People still wanted to workout, in fact, gym and boot camp membership/enrollment was up, but many now couldn't afford a
personal trainer so they found cheaper ways to stay fit. I was already doing my own workouts with friends every Saturday so I thought, why not drop the rate significantly and see if there was any interest."

"One of the things that makes it different is that I limit the class size to only eight people. One of my biggest complaints about group classes and especially traditional boot camps is that there are too many people for any single instructor/trainer to make sure they are doing the movements properly. Injury avoidance should be every trainers main objective, but when you have so many people in a class it's impossible to coach them all."

"What my class entails is a great mix of strength and cardio movements. And the fact that classes are smaller, I team up clients which give a fun competitive feel to the workouts. There are a lot of timed drills so those that are more advanced can really kill it and for those less advance, well, they can move at a rate that works for them. Regardless of the pace, everyone is still getting a very challenging workout.

The workouts themselves aren't designed gender specific. Everyone will benefit from the workout. I guess for mom's that are looking to get back into their bikini's ASAP the constant flow of the class as well as the movements that we do will be great for toning...oh, there is A LOT of core related movements! Keeping with the creativity theme that I've brought up before, each workout is different from the other so I hope that will be interesting to moms! And I encourage everyone to bring a friend...a little friendly competition is always healthy and fun. For the hubby's and mom's...whomever outdoes the other has to be on diaper doodie...I mean duty for the day LOL."

The Details:

  • Every Saturday (weather permitting) at 9:30AM (side note – we do almost all the workouts outside so that’s why I include the weather permitting)
  • Location is: 555 Florida Street (between Mariposa and 18th Street )
  • Class size is limited to eight clients (side note—if it becomes more popular then I will add another class)
  • Cost is only $25
  • Classes are challenging but a lot of fun!

Click here for information or to sign up!

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Pat said...

Wish you had a bootcamp for moms in New York!

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